Your participation in the life of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church is very important and special.  By joining together with other members and friends, our congregation is able to keep on sharing the Gospel here at home and across the globe.


As we look to the coming year, it is clear that God calls us to reach out to new neighbors and friends, to be wise in our planning for the future, and to keep on providing programs and ministry that meet the needs of members and the wider community.


To do all that we feel called to do, we will need to grow our annual giving by $100,000 or more through the next calendar year. This sounds like a large number, but it is very doable with an increase in offerings of $1,923 per week. That too may sound like a big number but…there are a lot of us! Which is why we are emphasizing participation. When we are all involved and growing, things that seem big are actually quite small!

Please pray about this request.  Review the blessing God has given you.  Think about how our congregation’s ministry can be strengthened when we reach our goal for the coming year.  Then decide your response to this invitation as the Lord leads you.  Be assured that your offering—whatever amount you give—will be appreciated.

Thank you for being part of this vital congregation.  And thank you for your consideration.

Pastor Jim Graeser