We are the Dream Weavers of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church and our pledge to you is to harness the wisdom, talent and faith of our mature friends in Christ through fellowship, education and caring.

Committee Chair Hank Singer

Team Weavers - Jeri Brehm, Donna Hamilton, Carol Kefalas, Cindy Miller, Betsy Oteri, Debby Wilson

Our Mission:  We recognize that each age and stage of life is full, has unique potential, and we seek to encourage all ages to embrace life and love.

  •  Our purpose is to establish connection, build relationships, and offer care by creating intimacy and trust.
  •  We view our community as home and we will welcome you with an open heart.
  •  We treat each other as family regardless of outward differences.
  •  We find meaning and joy in connection and caring for others.

Fall Programs Are In The Works!  All are welcome, Please join us!

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Autumn Light Ministry hosts The Historical Society Palm Beach County as they present World War II in Palm Beach County on Tuesday, April 16 at 3:00 PM in the HSLC Worship Center.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow the presentation.

This lecture examines the military presence in Palm Beach County during World War II and civilian activities towards the war effort. Topics include the county’s contributions, including two army air bases, a secret listen station, civilian organizations, U-boat hunters, the Coast Guard, military hospitals, and a POW camp.



Click on the image or click below to download the Autumn Light Spotlight.  We celebrated one year as a ministry with a highlight of all we accomplished this year.  We are looking forward to a great second year!