HSLC's Partnership with VOH

Holy Spirit Church has over a 20 year relationship with the Village of Hope (VoH) in Ganthier, Haiti. The VoH is sponsored by the Lazarus Project which is a group of over sixty Lutheran Churches and various other churches and organizations throughout the world. These groups unite to sponsor over 700 preschool through high school students; support a community health care center at the VoH; and conduct several yearly mission trips to the VoH.  To learn more about the Village of Hope, log on to: www.villageofhopehaiti.org . You will find a downloadable brochure. This brochure contains information about the Village of Hope/Lazarus Project and explains various ways you can support this important ministry.

Recent News from the Village of Hope


Thank you for being a part of our story. Thank you for your prayers, your support, your generosity, and your love for the most vulnerable. You are the heartbeat of our mission! Despite what you are seeing in the news, there is continued HOPE. I just returned from a week in Haiti where I spent time preparing for the reopening of the Village of Hope School and Health Center and I would like to share my update with you. The one thing that has not changed in the midst of the instability is our heart to provide hope through education and healthcare throughout Haiti!

Thanks to you
We provided HOPE through education to more than 500 students in 2023 during the most challenging year in our history. When the entire country was struggling to find food, Village of Hope served more than 50,000 meals to our students. We employed more than 90 teachers, staff, and health care workers. We provided healthcare to the community during a time when most hospitals and health centers were closed. We did not back down from the gangs in the area and opened when we believed our staff and students would be safe, evaluating the security level daily. We did not have one student, staff member or patient harmed during the year. We did not close our doors and abandon our ministry like nearly half of the NGO's in the country. We continue to put our ministry in God's hands and pray that the Lord will continue to bless our work.  

Current security situation in greater PAP

Greater Port-au-Prince continues to be controlled by multiple gangs. We had hoped to reopen the school and health center in October, but the violence in Ganthier has forced us to keep the doors closed to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community. Most schools in greater PAP are closed. In October, the UN announced Kenya’s plan to send 1,000 troops to help stabilize the country. The plan is currently delayed, but we pray that it will be approved in the next couple of weeks. 

Plans and preparation for reopening

I spent a week in Haiti earlier this month meeting with Maryse, VOH Field Director, planning the reopening of the school and health center. We believe this school year will look much like it played out last year, with a delayed start. We have contracts prepared for our staff with a goal to reopen in December. Our goal is to have the 2023/24 school year run from December through June. We will continue to pray Lamentations 3:22-23 over our VOH family: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning: great is your faithfulness”. We are extremely encouraged by our staff who are eager to serve and lead with incredible courage and boldness. 

Growing the ministry

Thanks to many generous donors who pledged to help grow the Village of Hope ministry, we were able to collaborate with two new partners in Cap Haitien (Northern Haiti) and make a significant impact in some of the poorest communities in all of Haiti. School began in September and we have already distributed school books and school supplies to more than 200 students. Throughout this year, we will be providing more than 40,000 meals to this community.  Hope continues to grow!

How you can make a difference

Your help is needed now more than ever! We are calling on all student sponsors to continue their giving and we ask each of you to do what you can to help us reopen for this school year. Your gift today will make a difference tomorrow. Last year, the school and health center were offered completely free to all students and patients. We plan on making the same commitment this year. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Prayer Request

We ask for prayers of peace, safety, and security. We ask for the Lord’s wisdom for our staff and leadership as they continue to shepherd and care for hundreds of vulnerable children. Due to the current unrest and insecurity, we pray for the children and families that are experiencing trauma and every day suffering. We ask for the Lord to provide faithful donors and ample resources to continue the important work we have been called to.

In Christ,

Dan Zieschang
Executive Director
Village of Hope/Haiti


We want to share the latest update on the volatile situation in Haiti and how the Village of Hope is responding.

Unfortunately, there is still incredible social unrest throughout Haiti.  Most of the country is shutdown.  Gas stations are closed.  In Port-au-Prince, the capital, there is little access to food, clean water, propane, diesel  fuel, or financial services.  The Ministry of education has postponed the start of the school year.

However, even though the future looks bleak, VoH is poised to make a renewed impact in the Ganthier community whenever it is safe to do so.  We have 80 new students prepared to start school this year.  We have secured a house in Ganthier where our teachers will stay during the week to protect them from dangerous travel.  The Health Center has made accommodations for the medical staff to reside on the second floor during the week.  Books and curriculum are in hand.  We are at the starting line prepared for this new year.

As we journey into each new day, we choose faith over fear and watch how God will find a way through this challenging time.  God has great work planned for us on the other side of our fear.  Let us be ready to step into it!  Pray fervently for our success.

God's blessing,

Dan Zieschang
Executive Director
Village of Hope/Haiti


Dear Members and Friends of HSLC,

We rejoice that HOPE and NEW LIFE have been restored to Village of Hope Haiti. We have faithfully prayed for peace during the unprecedented tribulation of this past year and we are now able to rest on Jesus’ promise of new life!  We thank all of you who have prayed for this day.

The staff at the Health Center has been very busy this past month. They have been performing physicals and checkups on all of our students. In addition, the community needs are greater than ever. The staff has been devoted to serving this population well. The VOH Health Center is a critical asset to the Ganthier community and we are thanked daily for this blessing! 

Our School Staff continue to focus on the theme for this year: ON OUR WAY TO EXCELLENCE! The classrooms are full and the students are ecstatic for the opportunity to learn from an outstanding team of teachers. The morale at the school has been great despite the daily challenges faced by everyone in Haiti.

Thank you for your faithfulness throughout this year! With your continued support, we have been able to move forward with our mission to provide hope for the future. Thank you for being a part of our Village of Hope family!

In Christ,

Dan Zieschang                                                                                  Pastor Ron Qualley

Executive Director                                                                           Board Chair


In spite of all the turmoil in Haiti, JP Logistics of Miami was able to ship the 31 boxes of Christmas gifts which HSLC prepared for the students and staff of the Village of Hope to Port au Prince.  From there the gifts were transported to Hope House for safe keeping and finally on Christmas week to the School and Health Center. 

While parents were enrolling their children for the coming school year which will begin in January, the students and teachers gathered to receive their Christmas gifts, sing songs, and begin preparing for the reopening of the campus.  Prayers were offered to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to ask for a peaceful 2022 in which the Village of Hope School and Health Center can carry on their ministries of education and health services.    

The Board of Directors of the Village of Hope thank the people of HSLC for our prayers and support in 2021.  They pray that our church family remain healthy and safe as we move into the new year and that we remember the students, staff, and leadership of the VoH in our prayers.

Haiti Update from Dan Zieschang, Executive Director, Village of Hope, December 2021:

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Spirit,


As we look back at 2021, we are thankful that God has kept our students and staff safe during an unprecedented year in Haiti.  This year, our Haitian brothers and sisters have endured extraordinary violence, kidnappings, the assassination of President Moise, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, and Tropical Storm Grace.


We are humbled and amazed by your faithfulness during this challenging time! Your prayers and financial support allowed us to  complete the 2020/2021 School Year and provide HOPE for the future through education.  We provided health services to thousands despite long periods of closures at the Health Center. 


In the past few weeks, the country has been in near total lock-down due to continuing gang violence and overwhelming demand for government and police services.  Fuel is scarce ($25/imperial gallon) causing frequent power outages and shutting down means of transportation.  There are shortages of food and other essential supplies and inflation is rampant. The Village of Hope Board made a decision to discontinue all efforts to reopen and resume school and health center operations until January 2022.  For the time being, we cannot jeopardize the safety of our employees, our students, or those seeking medical care.

Our school leadership has been preparing for the opening of the new school year.  Key faculty and medical staff are ready to go back to work as soon as we can resume campus operations.


There will be significant up-front costs associated with recreating a vibrant campus.  In addition to salaries, we will need to purchase school supplies, textbooks, and lunch for 600 students a day.  Medical supplies will have to be replaced if any have deteriorated or expired during this extended hiatus.


Haiti has experienced challenges in the past and is continually reminded  that God will once again find a way to bring healing to to the land.  In the meantime, we are reminded of Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see."



Dan Zieschang

Executive Director

JULY UPDATE FROM VOH:  Our plans here at HSLC will still go forward and we will continue making Christmas Cards;  sorting, packing, and sending Christmas Gift Bags; preparing New Baby Matron Kits; and presenting a Special Sponsorship Event.  Stay tuned for more information on these projects. The Village of Hope needs our help and support now more than ever!

Dear Village of Hope Family,

Many of you have heard about the assassination of Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moise, which took place last week.  There is still a lot of conflicting information, and the news outlets are covering the story with quite a bit of attention.  For so long, many of us have been praying for peace in Haiti and have wanted the world to know of the suffering taking place there.  We are thankful for the coverage.


We want to let you know that our staff, students and their families are safe.  We have not received any news of harm to our VOH Family members.  We are in daily contact with our Field Director, Maryse Sterlin. Her top priority is to ensure the safety of our team and students.


We want to give thanks to God for the ability to finish the 2020/21 School Year in early June.  Our 9th and S4-Philo students have been working with our teachers and preparing for national exams.  The exams were delayed a few weeks due to the assassination but should take place by the end of July. The rest of the students are off for their summer break.


Due to the political situation and security risk, we have closed the health center until everything calms down. We hope to reopen the health center by the end of July.


Thank you for your faithful support and prayers for our VOH Family.  God has blessed this ministry for 26 years, and there is still much HOPE at the Village of HOPE.  Jeremiah 29:11 gives us strength. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Please continue to pray for:

  • The safety of our staff on the ground
  • Security and peace for our students and their families
  • Clarity for the leaders of Haiti and those from assisting countries
  • Enough food and fuel to meet the daily needs of the country

In Christ, 
Dan Zieschang
Executive Director
Village of Hope Haiti

Village of Hope 2020 Christmas Gift Project

Once again this year, Holy Spirit was given the opportunity to participate in sorting, packing, and shipping the nearly 800 Christmas gift bags for the students, teachers, and staff of the Village of Hope School and Health Center located in Ganthier, Haiti.  We reunited our team from last year: Martina Wagner, Maureen Lay, Julia Soistman, added Cara Rucker and were off to an early September start.  Working with Marni Maree, VoH Board Member and Christmas Project Coordinator, and Maryse Sterlin, VoH Field Director, we made age appropriate gift selections for Kindergarten through High School students. Large quantities of over 20 different gift items were ordered and shipped to HSLC.  Room 207 in the Learning Center was stacked high with boxes as deliveries began to arrive!

The project is funded by the VoH network of churches and other supporters. Marni recruited a lot of volunteer helpers who made over 800 beautiful cloth drawstring bags to put the gifts in and 900 facemasks for students and adults. One church donated 75 handmade dresses for young girls and 50 pair of shorts along with matching tee shirts for young boys. HSLC volunteers created 700 plus handmade Christmas cards with friendly greetings for all students and staff.  Two hundred eighty-nine of the cards were contributed by Girl Scout Troop 20644. Each card was an original design with a heartfelt message.  HSLC also collected and sorted over 500 pair of reading glasses and sunglasses. 

Last year we had one big packing party, 50 people came, and we had 700 bags packed in under 2 hours.  However, this year because of Covid-19, we had to come up with another plan.  We set up Room 208 in the Learning Center with 3 long socially-distanced tables. Teams of 2 or 3 people came at a time and packed individual bags with the appropriate items for each class.  Those who did not feel comfortable coming to church to work, stopped by and picked up premade boxes of items and packed their bags at home.  Deliveries and pick-ups of kits were also made.  Soulfire packed 100s of snack bags and HisKids assembled gif bags for boys in Grades 4 thru 7. After about 2 ½ weeks all grades were sorted, stuffed, checked, and packed into 27 medium sizes storage boxes and made ready for shipment.

Eileen and Mark Fiedler, HSLC members, volunteered to deliver the boxes to JP Logistics in Miami where the boxes were loaded on a cargo ship and delivered to Port au Prince, Haiti.  JP Logistics’ Haitian staff then drove the shipment directly to Hope House (VoH Mission House) where it will remain until the second week in December when it will be taken to the school for distribution at the Annual Christmas Party.

We can only imagine the excitement the children will feel when they dig into their bags.  Gifts include:  Mini-flashlights, crayons, coloring books, wooden 3D puzzles, train whistles, race cars, dolls, hairbrushes, combs, hair ties, scarves, neck ties, playing cards, soccer balls, basketballs, packages of healthy snacks, facemasks, and handmade greeting cards.  An age appropriate selection of these gifts has been designated for each grade level.  High school students and staff members will also receive a gift card which they can use to purchase a gift of their own choice. 

Well done, Holy Spirit members and friends!  Your generosity, love, and caring will bring joy and happy smiles to hundreds of Haitian children and adults this Christmas Season.  Our hands reaching into God’s Kingdom! Thank you all!!

Sponsor A Child At VOH

You can support the Village of Hope by sponsoring a student.  Your annual sponsorship will give the gift of education and health care to the student.  If you would like information about becoming a sponsor, please contact Julia Soistman. Email: jrsoistman@aol.com. Cell phone: 443-243-0886.