Fantastic News!

We are ecstatic that Joshua Pontious has accepted our call to serve as associate pastor at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church!  Josh and Rebecca are busily making arrangements for their cross-country move with two young sons.  An exact start date with us is still being determined.  Please keep the Pontious Family in your prayers in the weeks ahead as they travel, as they search for housing, and as they tend to all the details associated with a move.

Introducing Josh and Rebecca

Meet the Candidate

Mr. Joshua Pontious (MDiv.) is a 2021 graduate of United Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After graduating from The University of South Florida in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in History, Josh held several sales positions in Southeast Florida before entering seminary in 2017.


Josh is married to Rebecca.  They are proud parents of sons Grayson (5) and newborn Daxton.  He is from Coral Springs, Florida.  As a layperson, Josh was very involved in his home congregation, including serving on congregation council and playing in the worship band. 


In his call paperwork, Josh writes: 

“God has called me to minister to people, both in the church and in the world.  To proclaim Good News to all who need to hear it, and the whole world absolutely needs to hear it.  I am also called to equip those same people to then proclaim the Good News to their circles, and to invite each and every person into community where Good News is proclaimed, the Sacraments are shared, and where people build each other up for the sake of each other and for the sake of loving God.  My life and work are oriented on learning to do this in the most effective ways possible and to constantly refine my approach based on the situation and context that I find myself in.  I've learned that the Holy Spirit works through different people in different ways, and that I have been called to minister to people who are less familiar with church and congregational life.”


Josh’s passion for evangelism and sharing the story of Jesus with people unfamiliar with it are obvious.  Josh is particularly attuned to how digital communication channels create even more opportunities to share the Gospel—he was excited to learn of HSLC prioritization of expanding our digital ministries.  He is passionate about modern worship expressions.

Some of Josh’s hobbies include watching USF Bulls/Miami Dolphins football, cooking for his family, time at the beach, creating music and video content, playing video games, theme parks with his family, and reading a good book at a local coffee shop.