Let's Hear It for the "Face Mask Brigade"

On March 23, it became clear that everyone at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church was going to need to wear a face mask for their personal health and for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community.  The problem was that there were no face masks to be found in the stores or online.  So, Pastor Frank asked Barbara Antonelli, the chair of our Quilting Ministry, since the quilters could not meet together to make quilts due to the social distancing requirements would they be willing to work independently from home to make face masks.  They agreed to give it a try.  Barbara also agreed that she would give guidance to anyone outside of the quilting group if they wanted to make face masks.  On March 24th the word went out to the congregation by eNews that we were searching for volunteers who wanted to make face masks for the church and local hospitals and medical facilities.  One of the very first to respond was Pam Wohlschlegel.  With great enthusiasm she invited her friends.  What ended up coming together was greater than what anyone imagined.  41 people are involved in purchasing supplies, cutting, sewing, laundering and distributing face masks.  The masks have ended up in all our hospitals, medical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, stores, assisted living facilities and so many more places.  As of the writing of this article approximately 3,600+ masks have been made and distributed by the 42 workers.  Some of the masks have been made with pockets so that you can put additional filters in them.  If the mask you have is made of cloth please make sure that you launder them frequently for them to be safe.  The people of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church would like to thank the following members of the Face Mask Brigade who worked selflessly for the past 5 weeks to produce thousands of face masks to keep others healthy.

Carol Alexander

Barbara Antonelli

Emmerson Bellamy

Laura Bellamy

Stephanie Boulter

Joanne Brennen

Becky Brown

Betty Carbarle

Diane Coakley

Linda Comcowich

Rhonda Danielson

Carol Entrekin

Marilyn Feldman

Pam Handen

Cathy Ingram

Jerry Ingram

Monika Kennel

Debbie Kinback

Margaret Leason

Mary Lehrman

Jane Litchfield

Cindy Magnuson

Peggy Mate

Isabel Medina

Cindy Miller

Linda Peters

Dale Ruhf

Marianne Bediges Ruhf

Nancy Seng

Cindy Shinn

Julia Soistman

Doreen Steihler

Peggy Stevenson

Pat Sulivan

Chris Tarajos

Jane Traub

Stephanie Twardowski

Martha Velez

Martina Wagner

Anna Williams

Pam Wohlschlegel