HSLC Together Fund


The Church Council leaders of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church are announcing that beginning immediately the congregation will offer a new ministry to our church family to help those who are financially challenged. We realize that these are very difficult times for all of us and that some people have been impacted negatively financially. To support this new ministry the Church Council has established the "HSLC Together Fund". We wish we could help everyone in Palm Beach County and all of our friends and neighbors, but that is not possible. This fund is intended for people who actively participate with Holy Spirit Lutheran Church and recognize us as their church home. You do not have to be an official member of HSLC. The intent is if you are financially challenged and you need assistance then you can request assistance and you will receive a gift of $1000 from the church. You do not need to repay this gift. You will not complete an application or have to explain your situation. All you need to do is contact Pastor Frank, Pastor Matthew or Glen Weeks and they will make arrangements with you. Your request will be kept in strictest confidence. The foundation for this new ministry is Acts 2:45 where it is clearly described that when members of the church community were challenged with resource shortage then the rest of the community helped them out. At this time HSLC is in a position to do that and so we will. The Church Council leaders are very grateful for the generosity of the people of HSLC that makes this kind of support possible.

Perhaps you would like to support the HSLC Together Fund that will increase our ability to offer financial assistance. Pastor Frank and Martina Wagner would like to invite those who are able to join with them in donating their Government issued "Stimulus" check to the HSLC Together Fund. Donations can be made to HSLC and designated for the HSLC Together Fund, mailed to the church office or donated through our website.

Pastor Frank Wagner



Pastor Matthew Shapton



Glen Weeks